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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Six Pilates Principles


Pilates is mind-body exercise. Make sure that you concentrate on each movement and how it is done. Concentrate on correct breathing and execution of the exercises in order to obtain real results.


Moving without using control can cause a world of injury to the body. Control each movement by using your mind. Avoid quick, jerky movements that lead to injury. Besides, those types of movements just aren't pretty.


Remember that Pilates is all about working the core or powerhouse. This is your center....abs, back and glutes. All movements should stem from your center and move outward. Keep that core tight.


Make the exercises flow. Use the previous principles about your center, control and concentration to achieve a smooth flow with the exercises and avoid those jerky movements.


Fine tune your movements and use precision when doing them. Remember 5 good reps are more important than 10 sloppy ones. Two things to remember. Quality over quantity! Less is more!


Sounds easy doesn't it? Coordinate your movements with your breath. This helps purify the body, increase stamina, reduce stress, dilute the mind of stressful thoughts and most importantly breathing helps execute the movements properly. Don't ever hold your breath. If all else fails.....just exhale.

Remember that practice makes perfect. Pilates needs to be practiced about 2-3 times a week in order to be effective.

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