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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pilates: 5 Reasons to Start Today by Kitty Holman

Pilates, a method of exercise emphasizing controlled movement and breathing exercises, was developed over a century ago. Now with more than ten million dedicated fans in the US, Pilates has also become a favorite pastime for a number of A-list celebrities. The exercise technique has obviously proven to be way more than just a temporary fad. So what is it about Pilates that leaves celebrities and friends looking so toned and fit? In addition to improving your physical appearance, Pilates also offers amazing benefits for your mental and emotional health! Here are 5 reasons why you should start Pilates today.

Be Lean and Fit Rather than Big and Bulky

Many people refrain from lifting weights in their exercise regimen. Women, in particular, are usually afraid of developing a physique resembling Mr. Clean. However, some form of weight lifting is crucial to keep your muscles strong. Luckily, Pilates strengthens your muscles while only using your body weight as resistance. This method makes you toned and fit, without making you look too bulky. Also, working out your muscles makes you less likely to suffer from osteoporosis during old age!

Total Body Work Out

The various exercises in Pilates target your whole body. You can work out various muscle groups during an exercise routine. Plus, as you build muscle mass to replace fat tissue, your metabolism speeds up. This means you can eat more calories without gaining extra weight. Or if you are looking to lose weight, your body will burn calories much faster!


Pilates focuses on building the core, also known as your powerhouse. Many health experts claim building your core is the most important precursor to strengthening your other muscles. A strong powerhouse makes it easier to work out your back muscles as well as your upper arms. With a strong core, you can more easily and successfully engage in other athletic activities too. In fact, some professional football and basketball players claim Pilates has changed their lives!

Convenience Leads to Consistency

Do you frequently travel for work? Do you think gym memberships are unnecessarily expensive? Pilates can save the day! Everyone has a right to good health your busy work schedule and budget shouldn't interfere with that right. Pilates requires very little, inexpensive equipment. You can invest in a mat and band for less than $40. Plus, you can do your Pilates exercises from the convenience of your living room or even your hotel. You may want to buy a video that goes over some exercises with you. Once you get the hang of things, you'll be able to them on your own.

Mental Health

In general, most exercises provide a wealth of benefits for your brain and emotions. When your body is working hard, it releases endorphins, which leave you feeling refreshed and happy. Pilates goes a step further. Because you must concentrate on your breathing while building your powerhouse, you become more aware of your body and what it needs. Plus, intense concentration on your breathing patterns can help you target the right muscles and do exercises correctly! Become in tune with your own body today add Pilates to your work out.

This guest post is contributed by Kitty Holman, who writes on the topics of nursing colleges. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: