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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Quotable Joe

"I must be right. Never an aspirin. Never sick a day in my life. The whole country, the whole world should do my exercises. They'd be happier."

What to Wear

One of the questions most people ask me before trying Pilates is "What should I wear to my session?"

Clients should always wear tight clothing that allows their trainer to be able to see and correct their form. A long time ago I gave the cue "Make sure your ribcage is closed" to a client wearing a big bulky sweatshirt. She asked me "Is my ribcage closed?" Needless to say I had to inform her that I couldn't tell because of all the layers of clothing she was sporting.

I am partial to yoga bootleg pants or capris when doing Pilates. Tank tops and form fitted tees are also good. Since I basically live in my glorified pajamas I like to invest in good quality clothing that can stand up to my busy active lifestyle. I find that Hardtail and Lucy are great brands that can take a good beating and flatter any figure.

Pilates is usually done in either socks or bare feet. I prefer to go barefoot just so that I don't have to worry about slipping around on the mat or machines. Socks with grips on the bottom are a great alternative to barefeet. Toe Sox and Crescent Moon are gaining popularity.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Studio Finder

For all you Pilates studio owners who would like some extra added publicity feel free to submit your information at to be included in the Studio Finder. It's free and easy and a good way to gain some new clients and get exposure! Free is good! That's my motto. I have many clients that go on vacation or have family members in other parts of the country that are looking for studios and could use this good resource via the website.

Networking for Pilates

In my networking efforts to get the Pilates community involved in participating in the Studio Finder I've come across some great Pilates websites. I also have developed yet another new networking website of my own.

I've developed an extension to my Pilates for the People blog which will allow users to be more interactive with one another. The site works similar to myspace/facebook where users can have their own profile page. The thing I like most about this site is that members can actually load their own videos, pictures and music right on the main page of the site for everyone to see. There is also a section for forums and groups. Go check it out when you get a second at

One of my favorite sites that I visit often is run by Kira Morris and is called This great site offers some really cool Pilates shirts, a very informative and well written blog and it also has a forum for discussions and networking. Everything on the site is always updated frequently so it is always fresh and new.

These are some great sites for networking in the Pilates community! Make sure you check them out.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Six Pilates Principles


Pilates is mind-body exercise. Make sure that you concentrate on each movement and how it is done. Concentrate on correct breathing and execution of the exercises in order to obtain real results.


Moving without using control can cause a world of injury to the body. Control each movement by using your mind. Avoid quick, jerky movements that lead to injury. Besides, those types of movements just aren't pretty.


Remember that Pilates is all about working the core or powerhouse. This is your center....abs, back and glutes. All movements should stem from your center and move outward. Keep that core tight.


Make the exercises flow. Use the previous principles about your center, control and concentration to achieve a smooth flow with the exercises and avoid those jerky movements.


Fine tune your movements and use precision when doing them. Remember 5 good reps are more important than 10 sloppy ones. Two things to remember. Quality over quantity! Less is more!


Sounds easy doesn't it? Coordinate your movements with your breath. This helps purify the body, increase stamina, reduce stress, dilute the mind of stressful thoughts and most importantly breathing helps execute the movements properly. Don't ever hold your breath. If all else fails.....just exhale.

Remember that practice makes perfect. Pilates needs to be practiced about 2-3 times a week in order to be effective.