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Friday, July 18, 2008

My Pilates Experience - Amatouch

Todays guest blogger is Amatouch who was kind enough to share her Pilates experience with the world. To learn more about her please visit her blog at

Last summer, I enrolled in a Pilates class out of curiosity, I had heard about Pilates and by the sound of it this could have designated anything from a ceramic workshop to a youth club, anything but exercises. That's because the trademark Pilates derives from Joseph Pilates, its inventor. This also explains why it does not sound too technical. It's a modern discipline consisting of body movements based on a few principles more than a philosophy. You could think that the designation Pilates lacks content in comparison to Yoga, Gym, Steps which have made their name but Pilates has a reputation for being person centered and therefore you can make what you like of it and respect your own limits or ailments. I really fell into it for that reason.

The benefit of joining a class are enormous, increased flexibility and strength in muscles and articulation, better breathing and concentration and improved general well-being. I have never felt more in harmony with my own body. I am a massage therapist and as a home care advise I invariably recommend to my client to join a Pilates class.

Friday, July 11, 2008

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