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Monday, March 3, 2008

Videos for Home

With the Pilates Industry growing rapidly it can be difficult to know what quality videos are worth purchasing to use at home. As I stated in my Where to Begin? article, I am partial to The Method videos by Jennifer Kries just because it is similar to my teaching style and method. My favorite videos are Target Specifics and Precision Toning which are very true to the Pilates method. I also enjoy the Lotte Berk videos as well. Although they are not Pilates videos, they do compliment the method and can be a good mix to home workouts. The exercises are very complimentary to the work done in the Matwork/Barre classes.

Other popular videos out there are Stott Pilates, Winsor Pilates and Gaiam Pilates featuring Ana Caban which are all excellent in there own way. If you need a recommendation on a video always ask your trainer for advice. Usually we have certain videos that go hand in hand with what we teach at the studio.

What Pilates videos are you partial too? Let us know. Remember that you can also use Pilates for the People for more networking and advice. It's free and easy.


  1. I can't wait to check some of these videos out! I also wanted to share that I find music to be great for pilates. I've been listening to a CD called Tantra from the Hummingbird series by Kosmic Music and I absolutely love it. Kosmic is also coming out with a CD called Sacred Blessings with interfaith songs handpicked by inspirational speaker Anthony Robbins. I can't wait to get it next week!! Check them out