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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Giving Thanks Comes In Funny Ways

Over the last month I have been reflecting how wonderful the vibe has been at the studio. All the new and old clients are meshing into one heck of a great group of individuals. I too have generally become a happier and less stressful person. I have made firm decisions to stick to business boundaries and allow myself the down time I never thought I deserved or could afford to take.

On Black Friday I decided to run a discount over my website on services. A thank you to the clients for their patronage. Who doesn't love a deal? They're going to come back anyway. Well, I found that many of the regulars didn't care about the silly deal and would rather pay full price. One client said she just didn't feel like doing the math and would rather write out the usual check. How funny is that? I do have a calculator. I tried to thank them but instead they ended up thanking me.

This evening a newbie and veteran client were chatting it up in the reformer room before class. You know the usual conversation. How long have you been doing this? etc. etc. Just as I walked into the room I overhead my longtime client talking about me, "She is reaaalllly good." Talk about a great testimonial. I love it when my old clients encourage, support and welcome new students.

Today I give thanks to all my old clients who have created a great studio through their patronage and dedication and to all the new clients whom I hope will continue their practice with us.

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