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Friday, June 10, 2011

Jennifer Gianni's Fusion Pilates for Pregnancy

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Fusion Pilates for Pregnancy
Jennifer Gianni's Fusion Pilates is a four DVD pregnancy series designed to keep women strong both before, during and after pregnancy. The DVDs combine elements of light cardio and balancing poses mixed with pilates and yoga movements. Recently I had the pleasure of being asked to view the series and give my opinion.

DVD 1 Triple Threat: Get in shape before your pregnancy

The first DVD starts off with a great 10 minute explanation on how to properly engage your core and pelvic floor muscles in order to maintain proper form. The main workout contains a standing series consisting of light cardio and balancing movements and then moves to the floor series which goes into more classic Pilates exercises such as the side leg series, planks and frogs. This hour long DVD is a complete total body workout that tones, strengthens and stretches all muscles of the body.

DVD 2: Pilates for Pregnancy: Maintain strength and prepare for birth

The second DVD is the workout used during pregnancy. You will need a few props for this one which will include a pole or dowel, chair, small ball, weights, and a towel or blanket. One thing I absolutely love about this video, is the fact that there are three women that demonstrate all the exercises ranging from the first, second and third trimesters. All movements can be modified depending on how far along you are and Jennifer is superb at cuing these options. Once again, the main workout consists of standing and floor work using small props to challenge and work all muscles.

DVD 3: Post Pregnancy & C-Section Recovery: Get your pre-pregnant body back

This post pregnancy DVD has some great tips on gentle movements that can be done so you can keep moving after delivery. Jennifer is once again extremely thorough about modifications depending on your type of delivery so women can stay safe while they recover. For the main workout you will need a dowel, stool and light weights. Like the other DVDs, the main workout starts with a standing dance warm-up and then moves to floor work for core strengthening work.

DVD 4: Exercise with Baby: Bond with your newborn and stay in shape

This final shorter fusion DVD goes into movements that are done while bonding with your child. As with the other DVDs, there is a standing series and floor work that is done with your baby.

One of the great things I love about each of these DVDs is that they are a complete and total hour long workout (with the exception of DVD 4). I would highly recommend this series to any woman looking to stay in shape before, during and after pregnancy as it is extremely thorough and well done. The combination of light cardio, pilates and yoga gives a wonderful mind body fusion workout. I believe that there is no other DVD pregnancy series out there that compares to this. This is a must have to any woman looking to stay fit and safe during pregnancy!

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Fusion Pilates for Pregnancy



  1. I have your DVD, all DVD are providing better guidance to every one.

  2. It is so important to stay active and do proper exercises while pregnant. I plan to check out these videos as they seem like a great resource for my clients. I love that they are organized according to different stages in a woman's reproductive life - very handy!

  3. What should I do for winning the DVD? Thanks.

  4. I've heard these are great DVDs. Pilates is a great workout to prepare for child birth and a wonderful way to get the body back in shape afterwards.

  5. Jennifer, Thank you for the great youtube video introduction to your Fusion Pilates for Pregnancy DVD. The exercises are so beautifully organized for all stages of pregnancy and after. I'm excited to learn from all the research you've done to create this series! Thank you!

  6. We have worked with many pregnant women to ensure that they practice Pilates safely.