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Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Pilates Ring

In the past I have posted several articles discussing matwork and keeping the exercises new and exciting without sacrificing the integrity of the method. A great way to keep things fresh is to incorporate a small piece of apparatus into your workout. This can definitely be a love/hate relationship for some clients. One of the best ways to mix up the mat without diluting the method is to incorporate the Pilates ring also known as the magic circle.

Recently, I had the pleasure of being able to test out a new Zenzu Pilates ring compliments of Americas Nutrition. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved this product and the price tag that went with it! Those of us professionals in the Pilates field are well aware of how overly priced equipment can be. The machines are thousands of dollars and even a Pilates ring can run up to $65.

I have used other rings on the market which are comparable in price (23.99) and I find that I prefer this brand due to it's strong resistance level. I've found that other rings of similar quality lack a heavy resistance level and it is easy to bend the ring right in half. I like the fact that it took some effort on my behalf to squeeze the ring with my biceps or inner thighs muscles as I was performing certain exercises. Another cool feature is that the foam handles make it a little more comfortable to use....especially when doing the lower body work. The ring also comes with a little exercise chart to get you started.

The Zenzu Pilates Ring can be found at Americas Nutrition as well as other health and fitness products.


  1. This will makes my Pilates workout easier especially when I do the Hundreds.

  2. Given time and dedication, Pilates can help improve physical strength, acquire a toned look, strengthen internal organs, prevent back pain, increase height (due to postural alignment and stretching exercises), reduce stress, boost energy, increase the chances of faster recovery from an injury, strengthen core muscles, create a stronger, more flexible spine, and enhance our mental awareness.

  3. It's always a good idea to use different apparatus with your workouts - it varies things and keeps your interest going for longer.

  4. tried using the ring the other day. helps me to stretch further. wonder if i can achieve the same with a towel though

  5. I just came across your health and fitness blog. Your article about using Pilates fitness rings was especially interesting. I especially liked your comments about how to implement the rings into your workout. I am adding you to my favorites. We're in the same industry, the business of encouraging health and fitness. We market a product called The AbStand: We would love for you and your readers to check out our ab workout product. Any feedback would be appreciated as well. Thanks!

  6. It's nice to change your same ol routine up. This product really does that and helps work some areas I haven't been able to do on my own.

  7. Pilates has become popular in recent years for its largely aesthetic body sculpting effect.
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  8. Great find - I hadn't heard of this ring before. Thanks for sharing this!

  9. I absolutely love pilates. It has completely reshaped and sculpted my body. My muscles, which used to be chronically stiff are very limber now. When I leave the pilates studio I experience an amazing feeling of euphoria and tranquility. The old adage is so true, "healthy body, healthy mind".



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