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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A First Time Experience

Today's blog post is courtesy of Rachel Hunter about her first experience in a Pilates Class.

If I spend one more day on an elliptical or treadmill I will scream so loud I’ll break the mirrors in the classrooms, I remember thinking when I arrived at the gym that day.  Hmmm… speaking of classrooms... maybe I should try one of the classes.  I walked to the main desk and consulted the list of scheduled classes for the day.   Pilates was scheduled to start in 15 minutes.  Perfect!
Pilates… pilates what do I know about pilates? I racked my brain for any background knowledge I had acquired regarding it.  Sort of like yoga, but not really; strengthens the core; popular with dancers; and involves the use of a ball… or I am I confusing that with something else? With that much knowledge and forethought I embarked on my first pilates class!
The teacher arrived, turned on some soft yet somehow upbeat music, and we were on our way.   After a quick warm-up, we started working the arms.  First observation- exercises are done slowly.  Plenty of time to feel the burn!
After a series of exercises targeting muscles I didn’t even know existed in my arms, we moved into strengthening the abdominals.  Second observation: the exercises burn, but cheating results in an exhausted neck! Especially when doing exercises such as “the hundred.” For that reason, it’s better just to work at an individual level. 
For the last portion of class, we worked on our lower body.  When we put our feet on top of the ball (I was right, there is a ball involved!) and moved it towards and away from our gluts, I could practically hear my hamstrings scream for mercy.  Then, just as I started to feel like I was understanding what pilates is all about, the class was over.
Third observations: After class I noticed that although my body felt like it received a thorough workout, I was not tired! I fact, I felt rather energized.  Fourth observation: I felt like I learned a great deal from the class, however,  I imagine I’ll get more attention and help with form from a small class.  For that reason, I’ll research pilates studios in the area.  Or at least, I’ll try to research a studio if I can ever move my arms again! (They’re tired already!)

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  1. If you didn't feel tired after your first class, wait until the next day. I was sore like crazy. Watch how you learn something new at each class.


  2. I felt way crazy after doing pilates. Now that I do it at home it isnt as bad. Home Pilates

  3. The first time I tried Pilates, I didn't feel tired at all. It actually feels good and refreshing. However, I felt the pain the next day. I was introduced to this type of exercise by my girlfriend. She's into fitness and all and when she saw a group of people doing the exercise in Glendale fitness center here in Colorado, she invited me to join in. We're very impressed with the regimen, especially the price that they're offering in the fitness centers in Glendale because they are very affordable!