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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What Makes Your Pilates Trainer Fantastic?

For today's blog, I would really appreciate the comments, feedback and viewpoints of all of you that read and enjoy this blog. I want to hear your opinion!

I always envisioned opening a Pilates Studio were clients not only received a great workout at a lower price but I also wanted a nurturing and inviting environment that felt like home. As the client base gradually grows it is nice to see the clients interacting and motivating each other.

There are some things at the studio that I just will never change. I will always be a Drill Sargent. Without that discipline and drive I would never have had the courage to start my own studio. Classes will always start on time and you really need to be on time (a huge pet peeve of mine). Lastly, I will always expect clients to work as hard as possible within their ability.

Having that said, I am always open to suggestions or comments from others. Feedback is good! I'm always looking to make a good thing even better. I keep my ears open when client talks. Recently, I have been thanked in ways that I just never really thought possible. A client made a comment that Pilates as helped change her lifestyle and one has commented about having increased self esteem. What better thanks is there than that?

So my question to all of you is........

What makes your Pilates Trainer fantastic?

1 comment:

  1. My trainer keeps me coming back because she is TOUGH and keeps me motivated to keep pushing myself. She catches me when I'm taking the easy way out and praises my corrections when she knows it's burning. She is friendly before and after class, and strict - always starts on time, always insists I push myself past my first and second urge to take a break and once I do she encourages me by keeping it up herself until the set is done - so I can see that it IS possible to keep going, and I push myself to get better and work even harder.