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Friday, July 18, 2008

My Pilates Experience - Amatouch

Todays guest blogger is Amatouch who was kind enough to share her Pilates experience with the world. To learn more about her please visit her blog at

Last summer, I enrolled in a Pilates class out of curiosity, I had heard about Pilates and by the sound of it this could have designated anything from a ceramic workshop to a youth club, anything but exercises. That's because the trademark Pilates derives from Joseph Pilates, its inventor. This also explains why it does not sound too technical. It's a modern discipline consisting of body movements based on a few principles more than a philosophy. You could think that the designation Pilates lacks content in comparison to Yoga, Gym, Steps which have made their name but Pilates has a reputation for being person centered and therefore you can make what you like of it and respect your own limits or ailments. I really fell into it for that reason.

The benefit of joining a class are enormous, increased flexibility and strength in muscles and articulation, better breathing and concentration and improved general well-being. I have never felt more in harmony with my own body. I am a massage therapist and as a home care advise I invariably recommend to my client to join a Pilates class.


  1. It is always nice to hear a testimonial about Pilates, especially a positive one. I like that she talked about the centering, and improving well-being aspect. Sometimes Pilates is coined as only an exercise form. Coming from an upper east side NYC studio, we feel that our clients are rewarded with all the benefits of Pilates!

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